Copenhagen to Malmö: There are regular train departing from Copenhagen Airport goes to Malmö
across the Oresund Bridge. Tickets can be purchased through the ticket machines at the arrival
lounge at the Copenhagen Airport and the Skånetrafiken app.

Public transport: With the Skånetrafiken app, you can find timetables, traffic information and fares
for travelling around Malmö, including throughout Skåne. Visit the Skånetrafiken information
centres in Malmö (e.g. Central station, Triangeln) or their website for more information. Please note
that the app is only available in Swedish.

Bus: There are a number of options for buying tickets for city buses (green):
Tickets can be purchased from the Skånetrafiken app.
You can also pay bus (and train) fares through a Jojo card, which you can get at any station (Malmö
Central Station, Triangeln).
Another means of buying tickets is with your debit card; however, there is an additional cost of
10sek for an adult/duo family ticket.
Please note that cash is not accepted on buses throughout Malmö

Train: Train tickets must be purchased from the machines at the station or via the app. Please note
that it is not possible to buy tickets with cash or card onboard the trains.

Bike: There are bike rental options throughout the city.
Malmö By Bike has stations located throughout the city and allows you to subscribe (with a
username and password OR Jojo card) for 24 hrs (80SEK), 72 hrs (165SEK) or one full year (250SEK).
Check out their website for details and a map of stations:
Cykelstationen Malmö AB (by Triangeln station) rents out bikes for 80SEK per day (code: Lebanon).
Rebike Malmö will rent out bikes for 100SEK per day. Its address and contact details can be found at
The possibilities are not limited to this list, however, so feel free to explore!