The general registration is open until June 15!

Anyone who is interested in participating at the 6th International Degrowth Conference in Malmö as a guest at the conference can register. Being registered allows you to participate in any (academic, activist, artistic) sessions. You can proceed with the registration following the link:

We are working hard on making the 6th International Degrowth Conference an inviting space
for all, and making it possible for people to join the conference no matter what their incomes
are. Organising a big event, however, is an extremely expensive endeavour, and ours is
unfortunately no exception.

With most of our funding coming from the participant fees, we would very much appreciate if
you choose the type of of registration that most accurately fits your situation. We will have the
following recommended registration options available:
Solidarity fee: 300 euros (e.g. for those of you who have institutional support/stable
Standard fee: 200 euros (e.g. for those of you who have some form of support/employment)
Reduced fee: 100 euros (e.g. for those of you who would like to be at the conference
throughout, but have limited funding available)

However, we fully understand that these fees would still be too high for many people. For this
reason, we will also have spaces available at a smaller cost (from 0 to 99 euros), subject to
quotas and a prior application.
Thus, we hope to accommodate everyone who wishes to join and make the conference truly an
event for ALL (and your solidarity is part of it:).


You can also volunteer at the 6th International Degrowth Conference in Malmö! Please follow the link to the sign-up form for further information and volunteer registration.