Provisional schedule with keynotes and plenaries. The provisional conference programme will be released in june.


21 August

Opening of the conference in Folkets Park

Topic: Malmö/Sweden in turbulent times

In this opening plenary, we set the theme of the conference, Dialogues in turbulent times, in the Swedish context. Even in Degrowth and other critical circles, Sweden is often imagined and somewhat romanticised as, for example, a stable and peaceful country with low levels of inequality, a generous welfare system, good working and living conditions for all, progressive environmental and migration policies. Problems, even if they exist, are seen not as substantial and growth-centrism not as ruthless as in many other places across the world. The speakers at this plenary, all very familiar with the local context, will problematise (or substantiate?) these images, as well as discuss how the turbulences of our times echo here in Sweden.

To challenge another myth about Sweden – that it’s cold and closed – the opening plenary will be followed by a convivial gathering with music and food.

Speakers: Ellie Cijvat (Friends of the Earth Sweden), Shora Esmalaian (journalist), Daniel Sestrajcic (Left Party, Sweden)


22 August

Keynote speaker:  Yasin Duman (Coventry University)  

Topic: Resistance and organising in Rojava

Plenary:  Migration and conflict

Degrowth is a movement as well as a highly interdisciplinary approach that draws attention to multiple crises and contemplates prospects for sustainable and just living beyond growth. In recent years, migration has been narrowly viewed as a phenomenon that creates a governance crisis mostly for the so called developed countries. In this plenary we bring together Marxist, feminist and post-colonial scholars to discuss a range of issues such as the role of migration industry, linkages of migration to the imperial mode of living, Degrowth and new internationalism. The plenary will also examine potential opportunities for international solidarity by identifying linkages between human mobility and social transformation.

Speakers: Miriam Lang (Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar), Martin Lemberg-Pedersen (University of Aalborg), Malin McGlinn (Malmö University), Mine Islar (Lund University)



23 August

Plenary:  Dialogues between critical social theories, science & Degrowth

Degrowth brings together inseparable issues of social justice, ecological sustainability and human flourishing. An open and living research area, it is informed by natural sciences, as well as critical schools of thought. Natural sciences keep building scientific evidence of severe environmental consequences of the growth-centric mode of living. Critical social theories scrutinise contemporary issues in theoretically nuanced ways and have historically inspired people across the globe to mobilise in struggles for justice. This plenary aims to bring critical social theories and natural sciences in dialogue with Degrowth and each other, and explore how alliances for a socio-ecological transformation can be built.

Speakers: Stefania Barca (Coimbra University), Ruth Kinna (Loughborough University), Andreas Malm (Lund University), one more speaker to be confirmed


24 August

Keynote speaker:  Max Koch (Lund University) on Sustainable welfare

Plenary:  Money, finance and Degrowth

Money is a key component of a growth-oriented capitalist society. Since the financial meltdown about a decade ago, money – as a unit of measure, as a means of exchange and as stock of value – has been facing increasing criticism. Some argue that the money system, manifested in the power of the banking and financial sector, is to be challenged and organised to serve the interests of the public. Others would point to the need to change money itself and towards more bottom up ways of using it,  arguing, for example, for local currencies or time banks. In this plenary, we discuss the recent critiques of money and its connection to critical social theory, political philosophy, ecological economics and experiences with local currencies.

Speakers: Ole Bjerg (Copenhagen Business School), Alf Hornborg (Lund University), Ruby van der Wekken (Siemenpuu Foundation), one more speaker to be confirmed


25 August

Keynote speaker: Lynne Segal (Birkbeck University) on  Radical happiness

Closing plenary and demonstration in the city


Preliminary Schedule