Provisional schedule with keynotes and plenaries


21 August

Opening of the conference in Folkets Park

Topic: Malmö/Sweden in turbulent times

Speakers: Ellie Cijvat (Friends of the Earth Sweden), Shora Esmalaian (journalist), Daniel Sestrajcic (Left Party, Sweden)


22 August

Plenary:  Migration and conflict


23 August

Plenary:  Dialogues between critical social theories, science & Degrowth

Speakers: Stefania Barca (Coimbra University), Andreas Malm (Lund University)


24 August

Keynote speaker:  Max Koch (Lund University) on Sustainable welfare

Plenary:  Money, finance and Degrowth

Speakers: Ole Bjerg (Copenhagen Business School), Alf Hornborg (Lund University)


25 August

Keynote speaker: Lynne Segal (Birkbeck University) on  Radical happiness

Closing plenary and demonstration in the city.